WAS LOS MIT DIR? - Playground Berlin
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Nein…nicht dir, of course 😉

Die wetter 😀

All this sunshine floating around, but yet this “Startup League Wednesday”…it pi﹩﹩ed it down…these things do happen though, oder?

Nothing we can do about it…at all ✌️

But, nearly all of you came this week, braving the rain (that wasn’t present all the time) to participate in your football and Beach Volleyball matches as part of Startup League at Playground Berlin…so thank you to all of you 😘

Anyway…onwards and upwards and onto next week 👍

Another week, another load of content for you all to feast your eyes upon 👀

Heeeeere we go 👍

> CALLING ALL – TOA @ Playground Berlin ▶️

> SEASON DATES – ⚽ + 🏐

CALLING ALL – TOA @ Playground Berlin ▶️

Today is the TOA Festival at Playground Berlin. There is plenty going on here today, so please if you wish to come…lock yourself in 👍

A few of Startup League crew will be there along with the others from Playground Berlin. You can also expect tacos, drinks and of course (because they are 13 a dozen here in Berlin) DJ’s…oh, yes – DJ’s 😀

Doors at 1500 and goes on until late, so if you need / want an excuse to leave the office early…this here be ya chance me mateys 🏴‍☠️

Let’s sail the seas of the TOA Festival together, watch the guest speakers that are involved here and choose whether you want chilli with your tacos 🌶️

The list is honestly growing by the minute, so we obviously want more…

See you there? One can but hope. Fingers crossed yes…it will be a great event, for sure 🥳


As has been mentioned, the weather has come into play this Startup League Q2’24 season…especially for the Beach Volleyball teams.

So we’re all on the same page, these are the dates for your calendars 🙂

⚽  – We’re currently coming up to week 8. We are playing match day 2 (which landed on a public holiday) 3.7.24
⚽ – Finals: 17.7.24

🏐 – Match day 5 is next week – 12.6.24. The following week we replay match day 2…get ready for that 🙂
🏐 – Semi finals 26.6.24, then finals 3.7.24

For Q3’24, we will be running both ⚽ + 🏐 so the finals are on the same day ready for a big end to the season 🥳

More on this in the newsletter’s over the next few weeks 👍

DEVELOPMENTS – Playground Berlin ▶️

“If you build it, they will come” – Ray Kinsella

A commonly mis-quoted quote, but that is just the way it is 🙂

However, this week there were plenty of “Wow, it looks so different here even after just a week” comments. Appreciated by all of us here at Startup League and Playground Berlin 🤝

Bamboo trees were planted. We’ll have a Japanese garden in no time…

More lighting was installed ready for those long, warm summer evenings. Hopefully you’ll all stay around for a few drinks when those evenings come. This week was a small example of that. Plenty of people sticking around for some beers and vino 👍

Keep your eyes on Playground Berlin where there will be plenty more going on. Maybe even see you at TOA @ Playground Berlin 😉


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

“Job Done” – Startup League

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