Open Wednesday - Playground Berlin
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When do we play?

We play from May to October. Each month we host 1 Gameday. On a Wednesday from 6.30pm.

Where do we play?

We play at Playground Berlin. The sports ground is very easy to reach via S-Bahn Johannisthal. It is literally 1 Minute from the Station.

What do we play?

You can choose from 6 different teamsports. If you would like more info please scroll down and also download the flyer.



Fast-paced, non-contact team sport played with a flying disc, emphasizing athleticism, sportsmanship, and continuous play

Beach Volleyball

Want to get sandy? Want to play with your couple? Come and compete with us!


The most popular sport in the world is part of our tournament


We will add this to our pool of sports. Dodge, throw and win!

Beach Basquetball

Blending skillful dunks with the rhythmic of sandy beach, creating a spirited spectacle of coastal camaraderie.

Viking Chess

This sport combines elements of strategy, precision, and teamwork, originating from ancient Viking traditions

The Rules

Team Composition

You need 6 people to build a team. There’s no maximum number of players. The idea is that you come with a big group

Point System

Points will be awarded for wins, draws, and participation, fostering healthy competition and teamwork.

Fair Play and Sportsmanship:

This is the cornerstone of the Co Games. Embodying the spirit of integrity, respect, and equality on and off the field.

Monthly Awards and Recognition

We will recognize outstanding individual and team performances each month with awards.

Refereeing and Officiating

We will have qualified referees and officials for each match to enforce the rules consistently.

End-of-Matchday Celebrations

We will include activities like award ceremonies, team-building exercises, and a social gathering to foster camaraderie among participants.

The Game Plan

*Always on Wednesdays

Do you want to join us?


    With the CO Games a vibrant and inclusive community is brought together through the spirit of friendly competition across six exciting sports disciplines. We are hosting an annual event that not only celebrates athletic prowess but fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and healthy rivalries among colleagues.


    Embracing Diversity in Sports