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And just like that…Startup League ⚽ football (soccer) Q1’24 season is done and dusted 🥲

Beach Volleyball on the sand will be coming back. Book your courts soon

A happy and sad affair we all share with Q1 seasons.

Happy because we share those moments of football (soccer if you must)…

Sad because it’s really fuⓒ𝒦ing cold 😀

Onwards and upwards, oder? 👍

Startup League ⚽ football (soccer) Q2’24 season incoming…more details on that below 🚀

We welcome some new members to this season, so let’s all say hello 👋🙂

For all you newbies, this here is the Startup League newsletter…something for your Friday afternoon finishes, or Saturday morning croissant and coffee sessions 🥐

Season info and other general sh!t is in here…you’ll get the hang of it after a week or 2 😉

Maybe even after this week 🥳

Here be ya content 🏴‍☠️

> WINNERS Q1’24 – ⚽ football (soccer)


> BACK TO Playground Berlin ▶️ 🏐 Beach Volleyball on the sand

WINNERS Q1’24 – ⚽ football (soccer)

We will now show some appreciation for all those that won their respective Startup League divisions…these as as below 👇

🥇 Div 1 – Pyne and Friends
🥇 Div 2 – Leapsome
🥇 Div 3 – GetYourGuide
🥇 Div 4 – Grover
🥇 SumUp Div 5 – flaconi

A big thank you to all of you who braved the cold this season, played a bit of football (soccer) and had fun…we appreciate you all more than you know. Give yourselves a round of applause 👏👏👏👏

We here at Startup League are looking forward to seeing what happens in football (soccer) Q2’24 season…bring your A-Team 🚐


As you can tell by the previous sections of content (hopefully) football (soccer) Q1’24 season of Startup League is over and out 👍

We will be hosting Welcome Day / Level Days for all teams, so please be sure to attend these…tres important 🇫🇷

Some of you will be 100% secure within your divisions…but it doesn’t mean the rest will be.

These Welcome Day / Level Days will happen for the next 2 weeks…simply so you’re in the know 👍

Official Q2’24 season start will be 24.4.24 – stick that in ya diaries 📌

Standard 12 week schedule – 10 official matches, the semis (yes, semis) and finals in the last 2 weeks of the season.

There is a public holiday landing May 1st, so that will be a rest week…

If you have any company events happening on a Wednesday over the next 12 weeks, let us know now so we can schedule accordingly. You can let us know if there are any by clicking that button below 🙂

As an FYI, Playground Berlin ▶️ will be available for your company events that are planned 🥳


BACK TO Playground Berlin ▶️ 🏐

Startup League Beach Volleyball is coming back to Playground Berlin ▶️

Their time at BeachMitte has come to an end…prematurely 🙂

Meaning more wonderful, happy faces at your favourite Berlin sports venue 👍

Please welcome them back as you do everyone, every week…

That is all on that subject…

But, if you want to put a Beach Volleyball team forward (or know anyone that would) then you can SEND A TEAM REQUEST and Ollie will get back to you at the shake of a lambs tail 🐑

DEVELOPMENTS AT Playground Berlin ▶️

Building sh!t…that’s what we’ve been up to.

Pitch 4 is nearly ready to rock’n’roll and shall be branded for the next year, at least 💪

Who has decided to sponsor this pitch? You will simply have to wait for that answer 😉

Our favourite bar (Sisybus) will also be undergoing a change. With some special additions coming up 🍺

See you there soon…cheers 👍


“I don’t drink these days. I’m allergic to alcohol and narcotics. I break out in handcuffs” – Robert Downey Jr

“It’ll be alright” – Startup League

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