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Startup League and Kadmos…a startup match made in heaven 🙂

No doubt you have all seen The Kadmos (football / soccer cage) Kage over the last weeks…some of you may have even played on it…

And what s spectacle it is…all nice and shiny, promoting one of the finest fintech’s that we here at Startup League and Playground Berlin have ever had the pleasure of meeting

This is the start of something beautiful amongst the Startup League teams and us here at Startup League…we would love more of this.

Interested? Then let us know and we can get more cages done…with your marketing gear all over them

Anyway, there’s a song if you click the title this week. A nod to the “Coming Together” of Startup League and Kadmos

Onto lé content…here’s what ‘s we’s have’s for’s this’s weeks’s

> KICKING OFF THE SEASON(S) – Football (soccer) and Beach volleyball

> Playground Berlin – TOURNAMENT 

KICKING OFF THE SEASON(S) – Football (soccer) and Beach volleyball 

May 1st – t’is a public holiday if any of you weren’t aware

This obviously messes things up cause Startup League won’t be playing Football (soccer) and Beach volleyball  that match day #sadface

The  Q1’24 finals will also be held on Tuesday…randomly. But that is neither this nor that. On the Wednesday we will obviously be hosting the regular Welcome Day / Level Days for the Beach Volleyball crew then 

Football wise – the Q2’24 season kicks off next week 24.4.24. Match day 1. Divisions should have hopefully have been done by then and all matches and times should be visible on the platform by EOD…if not, then Monday. The occasional late comers can mess with things there

Edit – In fact, Monday. Ollie is fu©𝒦ing destroyed after the week and the Division placements went on a lot longer than he thought

Playground Berlin  – TOURNAMENT



Cost? 5€ per player

When? 27.4.24
What? Well…it’s the Playground Berlin  Tournament for Spring you silly goose
Food and drinks? You know it
Music? Natürlich Schatz
Sports? Nope…none of that. It’s not called a tournament for nothing. Football (soccer) and Beach volleyball

This all kicks off at 1000Uhr so be there or be a rectangle

How long it goes on for? Only time shall tell, but more than likely until the sun goes down…

DEVELOPMENTS AT Playground Berlin

More than quite a bit this week…

The remote working units are underway so we can not only provide sports (Football / soccer and Beach volleyball), fun, happiness, drinks, food and all the other stuff you love when coming to Startup League but also so we can provide somewhere in the sunshine to work before all your matches

Just for you

The W.C and changing facilities are also underway. Expect to use them soon 🙂


“That’s so funny. The last time I heard that, I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.” – Dale Doback

“Can’t wait for Q2’24” – Startup League

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