BERGFEST MITTWOCH - Playground Berlin
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Bergfest…many of the city’s inhabitants use this day to do nothing but sit in a bar.

But not you, do you? You choose to come to your Startup League matches at Playground Berlin ▶️ to play football (soccer) and Beach Volleyball and for that, we are forever thankful 😀

Obviously you can all choose to have a drink or 2 while there, but why not join that with some sports and socialising?

That is the way to do it, for sure 👍

Here’s what we have for you Startup League enthusiasts on this fine Friday…please enjoy the reading extravaganza below 😉


> TOA (TECH OPEN AIR) – @ Playground Berlin ▶️


Currently mid season…so this is simply a friendly reminder to you all ✌️

Slips, trips and minor collisions happen on the Startup League pitches playing football (soccer) and Beach Volleyball, which we all know is the case and of course it happens.

What we will request from you all, is if there is a trip or a fall…simply offer your opponent assistance with getting back to their feet 👍

A simple offering of your hand will do nicely…nothing else. No literally picking them up off of the ground. This could be taken the wrong way, even if the offer (and action) is meant in nothing but good faith.

Keep contact to a minimum even when offering assistance as has been mentioned above ☝️

This ties in with Startup League’s fair play ideals…please be considerate of this while playing football (soccer) and Beach Volleyball.

That is all for now…keep it in the forefront of your minds 🙂

TOA (TECH OPEN AIR) – @ Playground Berlin ▶️

You read that correctly…TOA is coming to Playground Berlin ▶️ this year 🥳

Details are as above in the one pager…you can’t miss it really 😉

All of you lovely Startup League teams are invited FREE OF CHARGE. You can RSVP via Meetup 👈

You can play football (soccer) and Beach Volleyball while there too 😉

Wow-wow-wee-wow 👍

We have x2 TICKETS FOR THE WHOLE TOA conference to giveaway. Face value of €1200 💷

You can participate in the raffle here 👈

That link above will take you to your favourite social media platform – LinkedIn 🥳

We shall all be there, next Friday at 1500 ready to welcome you all…so see you there and then 👍

DEVELOPMENTS – Playground Berlin ▶️

Big news…the WC and shower facilities at Playground Berlin ▶️ are going on their trial run this weekend, ready for you all Startup League crew to use next week As followster your football (soccer) and Beach Volleyball matches 🤞

We’ll have some signs up so you can navigate your way to them…can’t have you al getting lost now, can we? 😀

Plenty more interest in pitch sponsorship recently too…The Kadmos Kage is very pretty indeed and you all seem to have noticed it. You can get more info on getting your brand on one of our pitches by hitting that button below 👇



“I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal” – Ron Burgundy

“Until we meet again 👍” – Startup League

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