OFF TO WORK WE GO 🪚 - Playground Berlin
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At least it’s sunny, oder? 😀

What has been happening over the last 3 weeks? This is the question that Ollie has asked himself and others…a question in which answers are yet to be found 👀

After proposing a few questions to Startup League team that has been tirelessly working to provide you with the greatest sporting event know to humankind (don’t tell FIFA) these are the answers from the questions that have been asked…

Please read on 👇


> WEEK 2 POSTPONEMENT – Beach Volleyball

> FOOTY Q2’24 MID SEASON – Football (Soccer)


Pictures are back…but not for you Beach Volleyball teams this week as the matches were cancelled, but we do have some for you Football (Soccer) teams ✌️

More on that below 👇

You would find a link here to download and view if you were part of Startup League, but if you’re not…then no dice this time 😉

Sharing is caring remember…and feel free to tag us in any social sharing that you may choose to do.

Insta – startupleaguedeutschland + play_ground_berlin

WEEK 2 POSTPONEMENT – Beach Volleyball

Nothing we can really do here at Startup League regarding the weather, as we all know…we are at it’s mercy ⛓️

As always, we put safety above all and therefore, we cancelled match day 2 of the Beach Volleyball matches.

This match day will be played at the end of the season. Simply pushed back as it were 👍

”Did it even rain” is the question? Some places it did – some other places within this wonderful city – it didn’t…that is just the way life goes sometimes 😀

If you have any questions regarding this shift of match day, please feel free to contact us via the WhatsApp groups (or ask your captains to) and we shall of course be happy to help 👍

FOOTY Q2’24 MID SEASON – Football (Soccer)

We have entered the middle of the Startup League Football (Soccer) season for all you footy teams…how is it all going?

We’ve had a few matches from earlier in the season that will be played over the next weeks to balance the tables out. By match day 7, it should all be done and back to normality 👍

These will be THE ONLY matches that will be played at later dates. The matches that were requested before season start…TIA for your understanding 😘

Apart from that, it is business as usual here at Startup League…see you all next week for match day 5! 😀

DEVELOPMENTS – Playground Berlin ▶️

Playground Berlin ▶️ Beach bar is looking gooooood 😍

The perfect place to wind down (or up) after (or before) a busy match day, enjoying the beverage of your choice in the sunshine…what a time to be alive 👍
Showers are moving along nicely too. The foundation simply needs to be organised, a little bit of plumbing and then…ta-da! Job done 💪

Won’t be long and you shall all have the opportunity to use Berlin’s finest post-match facilities available either after your Startup League matches, Open Play or private bookings for Football (Soccer) or Beach Volleyball 😉


“I am serious…and don’t call me Shirley” – Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack in Airplane!

“Enjoy the weekend 🥳” – Startup League

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